About Us & Our Call To Action

We are Jenn and Kellen, and we are Dharma Fairtrade!

Dharma Fairtrade was born out of artisanal beauty and ethical business practices, a journey through corporate chaos into entrepreneurial bliss. Jenn and Kellen brought two very unique, passionate, and talented perspectives together to create what they believe is the highest quality products, while doing the most possible good for everyone involved in the supply chain.

Although traditionally consumers are used to seeing the Fairtrade mark on commodities such as coffee, tea, and sugar, Dharma Fairtrade has adapted to the next level in Fairtrade and we believe it’s just the beginning. Jenn and Kellen continue to strive daily to make the best soaps and candles possible, and we sincerely appreciate the support as we take on our mission.

Who knows what we’ll come up with next?!

Join us as we fight the good fight!